pic of white floral earrings

Well, I think I’m getting there as far as getting ready to have a marketplace stall goes. I have a gazebo/tent. The new banner has arrived. I have display cards, display mannequins, earrings stands, fold up table, table covers and a big strong hubby to help me put[…]

Now that my Etsy shop is up and running, and I’m kinda getting the hang of taking photos which are clear enough for people to see my jewellery, I’ve been turning my mind to what other outlets I might try. Of course I want to try having a[…]

My mother taught me about fairys when I was very young. The books in those days didn’t have pretty coloured pictures like they do now. So the stories were a lot more descriptive. I remember fairys slept amongst the petals of flowers, and tilted young leaves to drink[…]