iPad Apps I Use to Stay Productive While Travelling

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If you’ve been flat out and simply have not been able to write and schedule posts to go out while away on a trip – here are the apps I find most useful for staying productive when travelling.

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This is great for taking notes on the run. Not least because if you click the little microphone icon on the keypad, you can just talk into it and it writes down what you say. Much quicker for recording those ideas that pop into your head in inappropriate places or when you’re being bumped around in a car.

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BlogPad Pro for WordPress

BlogPad Pro for WordPress is a great app for managing your websites, especially if you have a lot of them like I do! You can log in here for each site you have and check all kinds of things like stats, comments, tags, pages, media and more.

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WordPress With this app you can write and edit blog posts on any of your sites, manage comments and read the WordPress Freshly Pressed blog. Of course you can access your dashboard on the Safari browser and write and edit your posts in the normal way too.

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Planner Plus

Planner Plus is a great planning calendar tool for managing your posts and other blogging tasks. As you’d expect for a planner, it’s mainly a multi-page calendar with an extra page for planning tasks, including adding due dates, projects, recurring, undated, completed and reminders.

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Sell on Etsy






These two Etsy apps allow me to keep track of my Etsy stores and in contact with customers. I may not be able to ship goods while I’m out of town, but I can thank my customers for shopping with me and let them know when there goods will be shipped. Good customer service is everything.

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Dropbox is a cloud storage and sharing programme. I use this to transfer files between my iPad and my desktop. If I have images on my desktop that I know I will need for my blog posts while I’m away, I’ll put them in my dropbox folder before I leave home. Then I can access them while away, save them to my Photos app and then insert them into posts when needed.

If you are blogging about the things you are seeing on your trip, you can take photos with your iPad and use them in your posts.

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Photo Toaster

I have lots of apps for adding special effects to photos and images, but I probably use Photo Toaster the most. It’s easy to use and has some great sfx built in. Picfx is another great one that also allows you to add text to your photo, which is great for pictures intended for social media like Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and more.

Then there are the ones that barely require mentioning they are so popular and commonly used, like Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Facebook and of course, email.

So there you have it. My productivity must haves.

What are your fave apps for when you are away from home?