How to use images legally on your website or blog

using images legally image

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One of the things you don’t want to fall foul of on your website or blog, is copyright. It’s not good form to simply search Google Images, find something you like, and use it without a thought for who might have taken it or have the rights to it.

using images legally image

It’s not only good manners to find out who owns the image and ask their permission before you use it. It’s also the best way to stay out of trouble over copyright infringement.

Even if the owner of the image gives you permission, make sure you give attribution when using their image. It costs you nothing to say where the image came from and, even better, link back to the original if you can.

Another good way of staying safe is to download images from websites that offer free ones which are open source. Some sites do have images with different licenses, so you need to be careful and make sure just what you can and can’t do with a particular image. Whether it be altering them, attributing them, or whether they are available for private only use or if commercial use is ok. Be sure you follow their guidelines and stay out of trouble.

Here is a list of some good places I get images from:




Reusable Art

Wikimedia Commons


All Free Vintage Stuff on Flickr

I hope you find these links useful. Have fun searching through them!

Do you have any links to great free, safe image resources you can share?