The 8 Most Used Apps on my iPad

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This will always be different for everyone, but here are the 8 apps I use the most on my iPad. Quite a number of these are country specific, but I’m sure you’ll have equivalent ones for your own local areas.

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  1. MetService. This is our local weather service. It will show you the weather in any part of the country and also gives out severe weather warnings or information for any area you choose.
  2. NZHerald. This is the largest daily newspaper in New Zealand. This is where I catch up on national and international news stories.
  3. Stuff. This is my second go-to news app. It often has less serious news than the big dailys so I get some different kinds of news there. More human interest stuff, funny events etc.
  4. Spider. This is where I kill time playing Spider Patience. I use it mostly when waiting in the car while Hubby is shopping. Or while waiting for uploads/downloads on the computer, (because internet speeds in this country suck), or often when I’m in bed. It’s a good way to de-stress and wind down from the days activities and get  ready for sleep.
  5. Kindle. Yes, I read. And I have several books on the go at once. And yes, it does sometimes get confusing!
  6. Lightbox. Wonderful internet TV. No ads. Fantastic place to binge watch your fave series.
  7. Facebook. Here I keep up with friends and family and also market the various facets of my business.
  8. Pinterest. Fantastic for image searches, marketing, researching things you’re interested in. It’s like a pictorial index for the rest of the web!
  9. Skype. Skyping on the iPad is sooo much easier than on a desk top. You don’t have to worry about having a webcam or mic for a start – they’re built right into the iPad. I even use this for conference calls for a society we do volunteer work for.
  10. Dropbox. – cloud storage and file sharing. Could not do without it now!
  11. Planner Plus. – Electronic planner which I use more as an editorial planner for my blogs as I have a manual/book planner for everything else, (cos it’s fun to decorate it and add all kinds of things to it!).

I know, I said 8. I’ve included some bonus ones for you. I just couldn’t choose only 8.

There are so many others: my Bank’s app, Contacts, email, camera and photos of course, photo enhancing apps, Calender, note taking apps, Etsy, blogging, Google +, Instagram, calculater, google maps, and my Thesaurus to name a few I use all the time.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my fave apps for helping me continue with blogging and business when away from home.

Do you use an iPad or tablet to help with your blogging or social media updates? What are your fave apps?